Service & Repairs

Caddy Care Ltd are fully authorised trolley service and repair agents for:

Powakaddy, Motocaddy, Golf Glider, Hill-Billy, Mo Cad Electrokart, Golf stream trolleys. At Caddy Care we also test batteries and chargers.

You should have your trolley serviced and battery/charger tested every 12 months in order to maximize the lifespan of each.

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Caring for your Electric Golf Trolley

Having taken the decision to invest in an Electric Golf Trolley there are some important points to note when it comes to caring for it. This will ensure you prolong its life and get the best possible value for your money.

  • Don’t leave it until you find a fault. Just like your Car your trolley should be serviced regularly. Every 12 months would be recommended. If you don’t service the trolley regularly you may encounter some common faults. Such as noisy wheels / bearings – problems with switches, tyre wear and tear. Batteries not completing rounds etc. The list goes on. So, keep an ear out for unusual sounds.
  • During service intervals – keep the trolley clean. Air hose it after rounds and remove any debris build up around the axles, clutches & wheels.
  • Look out for any loose bolts etc at any of the fold points
  • Check the tyres
  • Keep an eye out for any rust / signs of wear and tear on the moving parts
  • Check the battery and connections for signs of any corrosion


Caring for your Battery

Full Battery testing is available and should be carried out on the battery and the charger at the time of the service.

  • Charge your battery as soon as possible after use - regardless of whether you used it fully / not, played 9 / 18. It is not designed to be used over subsequent days without be recharged in between. This is extremely bad for the bad and will reduce capacity more quickly over time.
  • Batteries should never be fully discharged as this can cause irrecoverable long-term damage. It does not increase its capacity or lifespan.
  • Only use the charger that is recommended by the supplier for your battery.
  • If you didn’t complete 18 holes with your battery – have it tested sometimes this is more an indicator of a problem with your trolley.
  • The is no need to leave your battery plugged in for extended periods. Fully charge the battery and then unplug everything. Most lithium batteries will then hold their charge for approx. 6 weeks.
  • Lead acid batteries must be fully recharged before use. Lithium batteries capacity will increase with “top up” charges but will require a full charge to reach capacity.
  • If you are not planning to play for a prolonged period i.e. over the winter. Lithium batteries should be stored in the “half charged” state. After your final round charge, it for approx. 1.5 hours and then leave it for the period. No need to top up. Lead acid batteries will require a full charge every couple of weeks.
  • If you are considering upgrading Lithium batteries are a much better long-term option. Although more expensive, they last significantly longer, they are smaller. Lighter, quicker to charge. The also come with much longer warranties.