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Oncore ELIXR Golf Balls (12 Balls)

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he Oncore ELIXR™ Golf Balls (12 Balls) is our most advanced ball to date. We built a ball for golfers who are ready to take their game to the next level. We combined a polybutadiene rubber core, metal-infused ionomer mantle and cast urethane cover to create one of the most exceptional tour balls on the market. Our trifecta of advanced materials provide extraordinary distance, spin, control and feel off the face of the club.

The ELIXR™ tour ball is built using a triphase architecture that combines proprietary chemical blends and advanced material elements to create the ultimate golf ball. The high Coefficient of Restitution that ELIXR™ achieves has surpassed all expectations and results in outstanding performance.

The ELIXR™ features perimeter weighting to increase the moment of inertia and reduces spin decay to carry the ball further, provide more stable and predictable flight, and a premium urethane cover that delivers amazing short-game feel and performance.

  • 85 compression rating
  • Soft feel around the green
  • Perimeter weighting increases accuracy and control
  • Composite core provides maximum velocity and distance
  • Double Cast Urethane cover
  • Conforms to USGA & RA rules of golf
12 Balls - 1 Dozen